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Your safety and that of our team is top of mind, and that’s why we are strictly adhering to the public health rules to maintain
• Social and physical distancing
• 1.5m social distancing and the 4 square metre rule between passengers*
• Hand hygiene
• Respiratory hygiene
• Frequent environmental cleaning and disinfection
• If passengers or staff are sick or feeling unwell please stay at home as we have the right to refuse travel and insist that passengers with symptoms not travel.

The following procedures apply
• If staff or passengers are sick or feeling unwell they are to stay home
• Hand sanitiser is freely available to staff
• 1.5m social distancing and 4 square metres distance between seated passengers*
• All staff and passenger contact details are requested and recorded
• Signage clearly displayed to remind everyone of social distancing rules

• Frequently touched surfaces are frequently sanitised
• Online payments recommended
• Workplace amenities cleaned and disinfected frequently
• Seat allocations placed apart to allow for social distancing where available

COVID Safe Industry Plans & Safe Checklists

The Queensland Government requirement for tourism experiences to operate under a COVID Safe Industry Plan or Checklists gives us the guidance to return to business with increased confidence in the knowledge that we can provide a COVID-safe work environment for our staff and our passengers. You can download the COVID safe Industry plan or Safe Checklists for ‘Queensland Tourism and Accommodation Industry COVID- SAFE PLAN 2020’

How we respond to COVID-19 – For our Team

As part of our obligations under Work Health & Safety Legislation, we must take action to protect our team and others at the workplace from the risk of exposure to COVID-19 as far as is reasonably practicable. Our team have been consulted on health and safety matters relating to risks such as COVID-19 in the workplace, including, but not limited to:
• Addressing pre-screening, social distancing, enhanced hygiene and WHS requirements
• Training our staff on new health and safety procedures specific to our operation
• Creation of Business Cleaning policies, procedures or checklists tailored to our business
• Risk Register updated to include COVID-19
• COVID Safe Industry Plan Checklist to protect our staff, our guests, and our business that we are adhering to

How we are keeping our passengers safe

• Organiser advised prior to arrival with Pre-screening policies they can expect.
• Completion of a pre-screening questionnaire before travel for each passenger.
• Passengers to practice good hand hygiene
• Collecting and keeping of staff and passenger names and details (in compliance with privacy policies
• Staff and passengers asked to stay home and not be transported if they are unwell or experience any symptoms consistent with COVID-19
• Staff and guests in the ‘at risk’ COVID-19 groups advised to stay home until otherwise advised by the Australian Government
• Staff and passengers asked to stay home if they have been in a declared COVID-19 hotspot or travelled overseas within 14 days
• Restricting passenger numbers on vehicles as per Government requirements
• Enhanced frequency of cleaning
• Closing shared facilities to reduce risks ie. Toilet on coach temporarily closed
• Restricted travel times within the confines of the vehicles wherever practical
• Passengers consent to travel without social distancing where the entire group is considered a single group for activities i.e. dining in at a restaurant*

*Social Distancing
The current Social Distancing requirements in Queensland have been relaxed for passengers being transported on buses.
By booking and participating in a Charter you are consenting to travel without social distancing on the bus.
However we will require all passengers to ensure they are adhering to social distancing rules while boarding, disembarking and during any activities

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us on Email: info@bngcoahes.com.au or call: 0404 187 091.

You can also keep updated on the Queensland Government site for COVID19- www.health.qld.gov.au

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